On the air



Most Amateurs would feel at home in any of our shacks, rag chewing, special events, DX chasing, Radio sports, on vintage, home made, and modern equipment. Combine this with a selection of antennas for most Amateur frequencies, and a flat take off for miles around, we can make ourselves heard on the bands.

Here at the club we host a few propagation beacons, that transmit 24/7 so that others can use it as a tool to check propagation conditions, and their equipment against.
Our beacons are GB3FNY on 432MHz, and 10GHz, also GB3KEU on 5.7GHz

Check out our KiwiSDR in a semi-rural location.


Raspberry NOAA V2

October and November 2022 we worked on installing 2 QFH antennas for NOAA and Meteor Weather satellite reception.
These are connected to an RTL SDR and left monitoring the 137MHz band. A Raspberry Pi looks after this, auto decodes and uploads the received images.

You can see our most recent decoded images here.

Radio Sport at Finningley ARS

At the club we have a few members who enjoy Radio Sport mainly the Amateur Radio Contests. With our modest setup, and location, we have had some nice results from previous contests.